For more than 30 years Yang Chen has been leading the way in the development of high performance stainless steel tube mill equipment. Furthermore as we continue to give our customers a performance boost with our pipe making and other related machinery options, they realize the potential of our products and how they can help our customers realize their production targets.
Furthermore with our customization options we can fully tailor build specialized stainless steel tube mill equipment to meet the exact specifications of our customers. This has led us to become a favorite supplier of many of the world’s pipe making experts. Moreover our diligent staff is always on hand to assist customers, should they have any questions or problems with their machinery.

Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

ITEM: YC-30, YC-40, YC-50, YC-60, YC-70, YC-80, YC-90, YC-100, YC-120

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  • Single side / Double side uncoiler.
  • Strip butt welding equipment: Manual welding table or shear and butt welding machine
  • 3 stage roller tube making machine.
    • Forming section
    • Welding section
    • Sizing section
  • Cooling section.
  • Weld bead grinder
  • Auto - cut off
  • Run out table
  • Electric control system
  • TIG welding machine + cooling equipment/ plasma welding machine + cooling equipment
  • Rolls made of SKD -11


Model Axle 
Round tube diameter 
Square Tube 
( M³ )
Space WxHxL 
YC-30 30mm 0.3~0.8 Φ6.5~Φ19 10x10, 15x15 3~7m 2.2x2x18 21
YC-40 40mm 0.4~1.5 Φ9.05~Φ31.8 15x15, 25x25 2.5~7m 2.4x2x20 25
YC-50 50mm 0.6~3.0 Φ12.7~Φ50.8 19x19, 40x40 1.5~6m 2.6x2x22 35
YC-60 60mm 0.8~4.0 Φ19.0~Φ76.2 25x25, 60x60 1.0~5m 2.8x2x23 43
YC-70 70mm 1.2~5.0 Φ25.4~Φ114.3 30x30, 90x90 0.5~4m 3.5x2x25 58
YC-80 80mm 1.5~5.5 Φ38.1~Φ152.4 40x40, 120x120 0.4~3m 4.0x2x28 70
YC-90 90mm 2.0~6.0 Φ50.8~Φ177.8 50x50, 140x140 0.4~3m 4.0x2x32 100
YC-100 100mm 2.5~7.0 Φ76.2~Φ219 60x60, 170x170 0.3~2.5m 5.0x2x35 115
YC-120 120mm 3.0~9.0 Φ127~Φ318 100x100, 250x250 0.3~2m 6.0x2x38 125

The stainless steel pipe making machine, it is equipped with solid & rigid, stable under operation, and adopts of ground & high precise gear driving spindle to lower the malfunction of the machine. The most importance is that is always keep products have a standard top quality. In order to meet different working capacity required, we present a complete series machines to satisfy you at free choice.