Saw Blade Grinding Machine

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Circular saw grinding machine is easy operation, saving lots of time and labor.

  • All regulating levers are ranged in good order, easily and quickly adjusting the cutting angle, back gap angle, gear depth and tooth pitch, grinding the saw blade sharply and precisely.
  • The stepless speed change belt disc of the SG -1 can adjust the angle in keeping with the change of the tooth pitch.
  • The head of the grinding wheel moves up and down to grind the bevel edge without the replacement of the grinding wheel.
  • The thickness of the saw blade can be easily adjusted by the aids of the gauge . The SG -1 is handled by an elevation difference controlled button, which can grind the tooth with different elevation ; and there's SG - 2 at your option.
  • The end of the feeding jaw is made of superhard carbonized tungsten, reducing the worn out effect and securing precise feeding.