With more than 30 years experience Yang Chen is leading the way in the manufacture of carbon steel tube mills that meet the strictest international standards. All of our carbon steel tube mills are CE certified and deliver the absolute highest value for money our customers expect. With our manufacturing experience we aim to deliver top quality products to manufacturers around the world.
In particular our carbon steel tube mills have a very long service life and can run for many hours unattended. Even untrained personnel can easily operate our machinery safely, while maintaining high levels of productivity. As we continue to push the limits of pipe making machinery design and shearing machinery designs as well, customers are often buying a wide range of machinery to compliment their carbon steel tube mills.

H.F Pipe Making Machine (Carbon Steel Tube Mill)

ITEM: YCC-40, YCC-50, YCC-60, YCC-70, YCC-80, YCC-90, YCC-100, YCC-120

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Line Up

  • Single side / Double side uncoiler.
  • Manual welding table or shear and butt welding machine.
  • Hoop cage / Horizontal accumulator.
  • 3 stage roller tube making machine.
    • Forming section
    • Welding section
    • Sizing section
  • Cooling section.
  • NC servo cutting machine.
  • Run out table : One side or two side
  • Electric control system.
  • Rolls made of SKD-11.
  • High frequency welder.
  • In line eddy current testing machine - option


Model Axle 
Round tube diameter 
Square Tube 
( M³ )
Space WxHxL 
YCC-40 40 0.4~1.5 Φ9.5~Φ25.4 12x12, 20x20 40~120m 3.5x3x38 115
YCC-50 50 0.5~2.5 Φ12.7~Φ50.8 15x15, 30x30 30~100m 3.6x3.2x40 190
YCC-60 60 0.6~3.0 Φ19.0~Φ63.5 15x15, 50x50 30~80m 3.8x3.5x43 260
YCC-70 70 0.8~4.0 Φ31.8~Φ89.1 25x25, 60x60 20~70m 3.9x3.5x45 280
YCC-80 80 1.2~5.0 Φ38.1~Φ114.3 30x30, 90x90 20~60m 4x3.5x48 380
YCC-90 90 1.5~5.5 Φ50.8~Φ127 40x40, 100x100 15~60m 5x3.5x51 430
YCC-100 100 2.0~6.0 Φ76.2~Φ168.3 60x60, 120x120 10~40m 5x3.5x55 460
YCC-120 120 2.0~7.0 Φ89.1~Φ220 80x80, 150x150 10~25m 6x3.5x58 520

The carbon steel tube mill is equipped with solid & rigid, stable under operation, and adopts of ground & high precise gear driving spindle to lower the malfunction of the machine . The most importance is that is always keep products have a standard top quality. In order to meet different working capacity required, we present a complete series machines to satisfy you at free choice.

Yang Chen is professional provide tube making machine, slitting machine and shearing machine.